b3consultants is a Research + Development company with expertise in image/video processing, data acquisition, simulations and numerical analysis, involved in a variety of innovation projects related to the agro/industrial economical sectors. With base set in Montevideo, UY, the multidisciplinary staff ranges from mathematical modelling prodigies to UX experts in order to tackle the many different challenges that arise with every project.

History of BMC Part I - miniponics to machine learning

History of BMC Part II - miniponics to machine learning


Prof. Blas Melissari is a mech/industrial engineer with a PhD from UofT in numerical modelling of physical processes.

After receiving his PhD in 2005 he obtained a position with the Specialized Engineering Analysis and Design (SEAD) group at Hatch. His primary focus was the on the N-Solv project, a condensing solvent process for the in situ extraction of bitumen from the oil sands. He developed numerical models of the physical process, ran laboratory experiments and collaborated on a feasibility report for a commercial plant. When he moved to Uruguay in 2007, he continued working for the N-Solv corporation helping with the development of the pilot plant.

His work on the model development and data analysis for the N-Solv project granted him the co- authorship of a Canadian Patent.


Since he moved to Uruguay, he has been teaching courses at University and doing R&D work, on projects in both the public and private sectors. His main area area of focus was biomass drying and burning, charcoal production and new biomass fuels and the requirements on the equipment to handle them. The objective was to produce a steel-making grade of charcoal.

In 2013 he founded b3Agro in partnership with an aerial imagery company and developed expertise in Precision Agriculture, focusing on the processing of data collected from drones or agro machinery and transforming it in recommendations for improvement. They developed software to evaluate young trees inventory which has been implemented at the largest forestry company in the country.


He is leading a team of young professionals from various disciplines to develop data analysis and interpretation tools, including hardware and software and for collecting and analyzing data. His most recent project, for which he obtained a grant from the State ́s University (UdelaR) Foundation for innovation and comprises the development of a small scale hydroponic system, with the greenhouse and all necessary equipment, sensing and automatic control as well as the database visualization from the web.